Big, Beautiful, & Blessed.

Yes, as you guessed. 
We set the standard for the rest.
Not ashamed of how we look...we walk with our heads up high so take a second look. 
Don't feel sad when you see me, or hate me cause you aint me.

I am human just like you, don't dis me because I am bigger than you. 
Don't wonder how I got this size it's none of your concern. 
Just love me or leave me or your head you can turn. 

Don't categorize me in your idea weight, 
don't tell me how much food I should have on my plate. 
Don't think you can say whatever you want and think it's okay, You will have to answer to God for all that you say.

At the young age of  about 10 if I can remember correct,  we were a little bit bigger than the other kids that we met.
We've been big girls most of our life but don't think we lack confidence we don't want the strife. 
Through God we let our light shine, our purpose here is divine.
We don't walk around getting into mess, we put the devil under our feet and let God do the

We are Big, 
and most of all

(Pictures are of myself and my cousin Felicia Sanders)