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The WHOLE armor of God
Ephesians 6:11

What is it?


What is it, how do I put it on , and why do I need it

Armor of God PJ's 
(Teach your children early)

Armor of God



An excerpt from Chuck Missler, I could not quote it because it was so eloquently said so here is the text and the link back to his site. 

One of the most tragic casualties of our modern pace of living is reading and study.  With the availability of less demanding media -- movies, videos, television programs, video games, computer games, CD-ROM's, laser discs, compact discs, audio cassette players, etc. -- it is not surprising that time devoted to extracurricular reading is a major casualty in our current lifestyles.  And our serious study of the Bible is no exception.

One of the solutions to our enslavement to routine is to harness technology to eclipse some of our habit patterns, and one of the most powerful tools is so deceptively humble that it is easily overlooked: the common audio cassette tape.  It can be easily fitted into our normal routines: commuting to and from work, while jogging or on a treadmill, while cleaning up the workshop, or on other errands.  It seems that the teaching effectiveness of audio tape cassettes appears to bridge the gap between the formidable burden of reading on the one hand, and the passivity of videos on the other. 

This can also be a key factor in improving our spiritual growth.  In 1996, over 500 pastors responded to a survey: "What do you feel is the major reason Christians do not read their Bible?"

  • 47%. . . . . Lack of time/too busy
  • 19%. . . . . Laziness or lack of discipline
  • 15%. . . . . Not important or relevant
  • 8%. . . . . . Not a priority
  • 3%. . . . . . Don't understand what they are reading
  • 3%. . . . . . Not readers/poor reading skills

Recent studies show that the average American spends 45 minutes a day in the car.  If you listened to Bible reading during this time, you could hear the entire New Testament in 24 days and review the entire Bible in 14 weeks.  You could also be personally tutored by your favorite teacher on whatever topics interest you.

The Scripture emphasizes, 

"So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God."  (Romans 10:17 )  
It also admonishes us to "See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, Redeeming the time, because the days are evil."  
(Ephesians 5:15, 16)

The word of God is clear, and the Lord tells us that we need to increase our faith.

So let's take a look at this thing so we can make it plain.

Here you are born into SIN, no doing of your own. Okay we got that 
So lets say you are 15 years old when you get saved, and you are 30 years old now. For 15 years you have been serving and making the old man. That means you have served the flesh for 15 years. You become born again, and now you have the new man living on the inside of you. Now he is a few days old. The old man is going to try to beat him down. He is going to try to get him out of there.

Now, when you feed the new man he gets stronger and stronger however because of your old habits that old man is going to want to get a little something to eat. He wants to live to, so the enemy will come with temptation and you may fall into it because it is common to you it is something you use to do or like to do. 

Unless you are feeding yourself the Word of God daily you will be in constant battle with your old nature. The Lord has already forgiven you and He has given you power but if you do not use it. You will not be able to over come evil with good, you will not be able to resist the devil and he will flee from you. You have to know the Word of God and know how to apply it, You have to know this, you are responsible for the care you give to the body that God has given to you. You are responsible for how you live and what you allow to penetrate your heart and mind. You are responsible to turn those late night TV shows off, you are responsible to keep your life porn free. You are responsible to become emotionally whole. Going to church and reading a few scriptures does not do it. That is like trying to bake a cake and leaving out all the necessary ingredients. You have to gather up the ingredients first. That is why most of us are bound and beat down.

We can to bake the cake and feed it to the nations as the Lord called us to do . However we have not sat down and read all the instructions and ingredients in the recipe of salvation and discipleship. Now, don't get me wrong the disciples went out and they were able to convert and offer Christ to many. 
However, the fact still remains that most of us do not Know the God of Abraham, the God of Martin Luther King Jr. the God of Katherine  Kuhlman, and the God of our parents. 

We know the TV god, the new car god, the racial hatred god, the get all you can god. We are fed this along side the Word and if we are not told it is wrong we will continue in those footsteps. If we do not seek the Lord we will be forever lost in our own generations. Our parents 1970's parents I should say.. a lot of them broke away from the traditions and got weary. I don't blame them however, it is up to the 3rd and  4th generation to get this thing right so that our children grow up to know the God that came to set the captive free. 

The God that allowed himself to come down in human form to save the LOST sheep. To God be the Glory that is why when we say there is not Jesus we say there is no God . I know that the world has been blinded by the fact that Jesus is God's son. 
I understand that the word of God tells us why, however I don't debate religion. I rightly divide the Word of truth. 

They will know us by our fruits of Love. Well what about the people that are Christians that are in war, what about the ones that are killing. Check out the old testament when you get a chance and that will shed some light on things for you.

God is no joke, but I see in this land those that do not fear the Lord. Those that do not know that God is watching rather you know Him or not. His love is immeasurable, but His judgment is unstoppable. Be not deceived in these last days. 

God is not mocked......(Galatians 6:7)

Your sister in Christ
Mz. Jones

The BATTLE within ME.

As children of God we struggle daily. 
However the Lord has over come the World. We have the option to look into the Word of God and obtain truth and direction on what to do about the struggles. We are called to preach the gospel. We are called to tell the Truth about Jesus Christ, We are called to obedience. We are called to live Holy, we are called to give.
It is hard to do when operating in the flesh, however when we allow the Lord to lead us. It become easier because it is not you that is making it happen. You are being lead by the spirit of God and not your old nature. 
If you feed your old nature 15 hours a day and then read the bible for 20 mins. You are not going to be affective when it comes to standing on the word of God. You have to stay in it. 
You have to know it.

You have to trust the Lord and ask him for wisdom
He will give it to you. 
He did it for millions of people and He is not a respecter of persons.


Study to show yourself approved.
2 Timothy 2:15

You have to make sure you take time to study the Word of God.

1. Direction
2. Increase your faith 
3. Get Wisdom and understating (understand biblical prophecy) 
4. Learn how to pray right
5. Discern the times
6. Seek HIS face

2 Corinthians 4:1-7

Miracles of Jesus

When did Jesus Die?

1 Thessalonians 5:17

Take the time to pray and seek God's face.
There is no need to read the Word and not ask for instructions on  the battle plan. You can not go to war with a sword and not get instructions on How to use it 
Come on Saints of God.

We have to PRAY!

Prayer is conditional

Prayer . .


Matthew 4:17

There was only one  perfect man Jesus Christ the son of our Heavenly Father *(Mat. 5:48). 
The Lord took all of our sins and suffered for everyone that we will commit, that does not give us licenses to commit sin, however when we fall we can get back up. 

This race is not given to the swift nor to the strong but to the one that endures until the end.

The sermons that are preached are nothing like what the Lord has commissioned us to do. He told us to repent and have Godly remorse for our sins. We sin daily, but we do confess our sin daily? 
(1John 1:9)


The Names of God

El Roi
(Genesis 16:13)
God who sees
El Shaddai 
(Genesis 17:1)
The Almighty, All-Sufficient God
(Genesis 22:14)
The LORD will provide.
El Elohe Israel 
(Genesis 33:20)
The God of Israel
El Bethel 
(Genesis 35:7)
The house of God
(Exodus 15:2)
The LORD my God
(Exodus 15:26)
The LORD who heals
(Exodus 17:15)
The LORD will protect; He is my banner.
Jehovah M'Kaddesh (Exodus 31:13) The LORD that sanctifies you
Jehovah-Eloheenu (Deuteronomy 6:4) The LORD our God
(Judges 6:24)
The LORD is peace.
(Psalm 23:1)
The LORD is my shepherd.
Jah (Psalm 68:4) The LORD
(Psalm 95:6)
The LORD our maker
(Isaiah 35:4)
The LORD of recompenses
(Isaiah 51:15)
The LORD of hosts
Jehovah-Tsidkenu (Jeremiah 23:6) The LORD our righteousness
(Ezekiel 7:9)
The LORD who strikes
Jehovah-Shammah (Ezekiel 48:35) The LORD is present.
(Revelation 19:4)
Praise Yahweh.

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