The single woman is precious

How precious is that single woman.
Oh if men only knew.
How precious is that single woman.
Let me tell you.

She meditates into the night.
If something is wrong she is praying to get it right.
She awaits the day that her prince will arrive,
 but until he does she will take no jive.
She is delicate don't you see; not to be taken lightly.
She is a footstool to the married couples she meets.
Although she has not found her own help meet.
She is a blessing to family and friends.
If you need it, on her you can depend.
She is well liked in the community she has the time you see.

She is set aside for the Masters use.
She is a jewel that the Master displays proudly
and one day he will release her to
someone who knows her worth.
Until then...

Know this ,
The Single Woman is precious

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