People call being obedient to the Lord, "Acting so deep", 
People have said or used this term for many years.
I never paid it any attention until now. So, for those that think if someone wants to pray for the sick is so deep. This poem is for you. For those that don't want to stand on the promises of God this poem is for you. For those that don't know it takes full attention to hear correctly from the Lord and any distraction can stop you from receiving the very life changing word you need. This poem if for you..

Do you know what I had to give up following the Great I am?

My blinded mind and eyes could not see.
The blessings the Lord had waiting for me.

I was bound by the flesh and in all kinds of mess.
However, through Jesus I have been set free, it's not about me.
He chose to die for you and me.

My fight is spiritual; it's a battle going on in the heavenlies.
The more and more, I seek the Lord the more and more I see clearly.
So roll your eyes and call me deep, it's alright. The blood that was shed for me did not come cheap.

There is a debt that I owe, for the seeds I sow.

My life is worth more alive; when I have given it to Him. 
You remember how it was back in the day driving down the street blasting Eric B and Rakim. 
Thinking we were cute, trying to get the loot. Only to find nothing on those endless pursuits.

So, the Lord let me stay to testify to you. It's only by his grace and mercy that I am making it through. 
It's not about this flesh, which seeks to do wrong. It is about the Judgment that happened before your mamma and daddy heard their first love song.

God has already rendered final judgment on this earth; there is no possible way it can be reversed. 
So, while you're in the mirror, going to your next party. I am on the floor saying Lord please just have Mercy.

This battle is not yours, my sister or my brother. This is a battle between Satan and my Heavenly Father. I trust Him, I am protected so well and because of Christ that's the only reason I'm not going to Hell.  
I am not better than you, not smarter than you, not saved more than you. 
I'm trusting the God, daily to bring me through.

So when my flesh calls, and wants to do those old things. I just turn off the ringer and start to sing. I know the cost and it is too high, to have a man that is not my husband rub on my thigh. To try to act like I am something I am not, only to have God reveal all my business and get caught.

I've been down those roads sister and friend, I do not want to travel them again. So, I'll be praying for you, and asking the Lord to bring you through. When you see me praying, or binding up the devil and all his friends, it's not about you it's not about me I just have to take my inherited Authority.

In the end it's the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob that I want to see, yeah you know that man from Galilee
It's not about me; I'm no better than you I just got in line like the Lord asked me to.

When it's all over, I will take my proper seat.
That is why I "act so deep".


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