3 Things God can not do!

1 He can NOT  Lie 
(Numbers 23:19/ Titus 1:2)
2. He can NOT  Learn 
He can not be disappointed in me, This means He knows exactly what I am going to do.
3. He can NOT make you love him
(You have free will)


4 Things God does not know!
1. He does not KNOW a sin He does not hate
(Do you hate sin like he does ?)
2. He does not KNOW a sinner He does not love
(He hates the sin, not the sinner)
3. He does not KNOW another path to his 
Throne but by Jesus Christ His son.
4. He does not KNOW a better time to commit 
your life to Him Do it NOW!

Salvation is FREE
Get it NOW!


Know this sister or brother in Christ. 
God is not through with you yet. Let us not get weary, in well doing.







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