What happens when a Woman Prays?

Did you know you can turn your grief into resurrection glory?
A man certified dead by seven doctors is raised from his death-bed by simple faith in Christ's Word.

Jesus promised a heart-broken follower;
If you will believe, you will see the glory of God.
The condition was met, and Lazarus was raised from the dead. Holy Bible Jn.11:17-44 NIV

Jesus is able to turn your grief into joy today.

However dark or hopeless your situation, when you do what God requires He will meet ALL your needs from His riches in Christ Jesus. Phil. 4:19

Does the enemy have you bound in chains, locked in despair, parading your failings before you?

Wonderful, this is your robbing time.

Have you begged, prayed and asked a thousand times for God to move, but seen no change?

Splendid, now you can learn what real faith is.

If you will believe, you WILL see the glory of God.

It's the promise of the Master, sealed by the Spirit. The pledge of the Almighty to every child of God.

Your enemy justifies your failure;

"God hasn't answered, there must be sin in your heart."

But your Father will justify your faith;

"Child, I've paid for your sins, you're blameless in my sight. Everyone who asks receives, Only believe."

Who are you going to trust?

Jesus is with you at this moment, to restore the kingdom, to deliver, heal, and bind up that broken-heart. Turn to the One who raises the dead, who cures aids and cancer with a word, and calls things that are not, as though they were. Ro. 4:17

He has all power to fix your problem instantly.

All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.
Mtt 28:18

Nothing is impossible with God.
Lk. 1:37

Jesus said,
What is impossible with men IS possible with God.
Lk. 18:27

Meet the two conditions;

Repent and believe the good news.

According to your faith will it be done to you.
Mtt 9:29


It is the Word of God beloved.

You will not see God's glory until you believe. You'll not release His power unless you have God's peace. And you'll never have peace without trusting in God's grace.

Grace is unmerited favor. Grace is the only way God will ever let you have peace. You can never deserve it, just accept it as His gift. And don't try to pay for it.

Some people say;

"Yes I believe God can fix my problem, but it is up to Him
if He does."

No it isn't.

Today is the day of salvation.

What God has done for others, He WANTS to do for you. Just believe and let Him.

Your unbelief and doubt block God from blessing you.

Salvation comes on no other ground than that of faith in what the Lord Jesus Christ accomplished for you.

He defeated Satan once and for all.
He provided perfect redemption for whoever will believe.
He bore your sorrows and carried your diseases so you can have His joy and His health now.
He assumed your guilt to declare you innocent.
He suffered your punishment so He could forgive you.
He paid your debt to set you free.
He took your sins and offers His righteousness.
Repent and believe the Gospel.

When you trust whole-heartedly in Christ's redemption you'll have God's peace.
When you have His peace, faith in His power comes supernaturally, as you listen to His Word.
When you put your faith in God's Word into ACTION;

Just believe.

Some say, "Oh Brother, that's too simple, my problem is difficult and complicated."

Maybe so, but the solution is just the same. Only believe and Jesus will fix it.

Some want to wait, beg, and do religious stuff to receive from God. But that is not God's way. The two blind men didn't wait when they called on Jesus, they received their sight instantly. Mtt. 9:27-31

The first blind person I ever saw healed didn't wait either. As soon as she heard the Gospel, she believed it. Minutes later she asked for her sight and was instantly healed.

You don't have to wait, beg or crawl. You just have to believe.

Remember, Jesus hasn't changed.
He is the same yesterday and today and forever.

And here's more Good News, Jesus Christ doesn't do funerals.

Ask Mary, Martha and Lazarus. Ask the widow of Nain. Ask Doctor Blanchard who relates the testimony of a railway engineer who lay dead in hospital, rigor mortis gripped his corpse.

Doctors and nurses consoled his wife, as she knelt by his death-bed.

After a few hours they tried to persuade her to leave the dead husband and go home, but she refused. They didn't realize this woman wasn't grieving as she knelt by the bed; she was believing God.

Here's what she said;

"No, he is not dead. He cannot be dead. I have prayed for him for twenty-seven years and God has promised me that he should be saved. Do you think God would let him die now after I have prayed twenty-seven years and God has promised me that he should be saved. Do you think God would let him die now after I have prayed for him for twenty-seven years and God has promised, and he is not saved?'

' Well,' the doctor replied, 'I do not know anything about that, but I know that he is dead."

The dead man testified later:

"To satisfy my wife, other physicians were brought, one after another, until seven were about the cot, and each one of them as he came up and made the examination confirmed the testimony of all who had preceded.
The seven doctors said that I was dead.

Meanwhile my wife was kneeling by the side of my cot, insisting that I was not dead, that if I were dead, God would bring me back, for He had promised her that I should be saved, and I was not yet saved.

By and by, her knees began to pain her, kneeling on the hard hospital floor. She asked the nurse for a pillow, and the nurse brought her a pillow upon which she knelt.

One hour, two hours, three hours passed. The screen still stood by the cot. I was lying there still, apparently dead. Four hours, five hours, six hours, seven hours, thirteen hours passed, and all this while, my wife was kneeling by the cot-side, and when people remonstrated and wished her to go away she said:

God does not  have  favorites.

You can do what that woman did today, and Jesus will meet your faith just the same.


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